Bat removal is a process that includes sealing up every possible entry point and leaving one central point of entry open to create an exit route for the bats. We install a custom-made “One-way door” to allow the bats to go through and prevent them from returning to your home or business. Bat removal is most effective in early spring, late summer, and early fall. The length of time required to remove a colony of bats completely depends on when the bat removal process begins. ACT Live Trapping offers a five-year warranty to ensure consistent attention to your home or business. Bat fecal matter can be hazardous to your health. ACT Live Trapping offers cleaning and disinfecting the attic spaces where the bat colony has accumulated fecal matter.


Squirrel trapping and removal includes individually relocating each squirrel to its natural habitat. ACT Live Trapping will also provide the best pest proofing and prevention to their entry points to your home or business.


Raccoons are trapped and relocated per the state of Michigan’s legal requirements. Every entry point, including chimney capping, vent screening, and deck proofing, is utilized to prevent re-entry into your home or business.


For your mosquito pest issues please feel free to contact our sister company CJB directly!

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